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Frank Shock - Frank has directed camps in Illinois, Louisiana, and Missouri, spending 20 years as President/CEO of Windermere Conference Center, a 2,000 bed facility on Lake of the Ozarks. He has led leadership conferences for many events throughout the country, and has served as President of Southern Baptist Camping Association, and has experience with Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau, Great Southern Bank, and Mercy Hospital. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University in Recreation Management, and has a Masters Degree in Education from Southwestern Seminary.

Coty Goodwin - Coty is an entrepreneur.  He co-owns three successful businesses and personally owns a fourth.  He has been leading individuals and groups to success since 2002.  He is an avid reader - re-reading and studying many business and personal growth books for many years.  He travels the US, trains professionals, gives presentations and provides solutions.

Daniel Walker - Daniel is a classic developer.  He spends a great deal of time designing ideas that bring positive outcomes to guests, staff, participants, students, organizations and families.  Daniel has worked with a multitude of participants through team-building and personal growth sessions.  He recognizes that people have four basic needs that can be addressed from different levels and through various means - these include recreation, education, development and re-direction.  Daniel helps people recognize where they are and look at the possibilities for who they can become. 

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